Ovarian CAncer Awareness

Ovarian Cancer is a serious disease that often goes undetected, so we created a special line of scarves and bandannas to spread the word.


Common symptoms may include:


Abdominal bloating, indigestion or nausea;

Changes in appetite, such as a loss of appetite or feeling full sooner;

Pressure in the pelvis or lower back;

A more frequent or urgent need to urinate and/or constipation;

Changes in bowel movements;

Increased abdominal girth;

Tiredness or low energy;

Changes in menstruation.

(source: https://www.cancercenter.com/ovarian-cancer/symptoms/)


Talk to your doctor about it! An early diagnosis can save your life :)



The proceeds from these sales will be reverted into donations to research funds and non-profit organisations.

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